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rsz_img_3315Hello everyone this is just a quick post to let you guys know that today I was very excited to  receive my Lift away the years wand and serum from Crystal Clear. Being nearly 40 I am a complete sucker for anything that claims to turn back the clock and now I have a magic wand to help magically make all signs of ageing disappear, well a girl can dream.

This product says it helps firm and tone skin, minimises/softens/reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, that eyebrows and cheekbones appear lifted, it’s quick, convenient and effective without the need for invasive surgery.

rsz_img_3316The Lift away the years wand is a roller ball  that vibrates as you roll it across your skin, you have to unscrew the top, place the serum inside, before you turn it on. At first I thought I had to hold my thumb on the button, it started to ache and this really put me off using it. I thought to myself this can’t be right, once I held the button down firmly and released, it stayed on.

rsz_img_3318I found that you have to tilt your head back, you need the pen to be at the angle you would normally write with, otherwise without the use of gravity the serum just doesn’t come out on to the skin. The pen glided very smoothly over my skin, it didn’t drag as I thought it might do and it gently stimulated my skin. The wand is a little noisy, it vibrates, so it buzzes away but this didn’t bother me.

rsz_img_3317The serum smells lovely, it smells of fruity essential oils, ok I just checked it does contain the following essential oils, sweet orange, geranium, sandal and grapefruit. It also contains Peptides, Polypeptide, Tourmalia, Oxygen complex, Norgel, Shea Butter and Olive oil. This serum is very tacky, I don’t know if it’s because I used too much on my first go with this product but it is taking along time to sink into skin and I used this product about an hour ago.

I purchased this product from, the wand and sample size of serum for £59.99

My first impressions are that my skin does have a nice tight feeling, I am not sure whether it has lifted my skin or not, my cheekbones look more prominent. I have only used this once and apparently the results get better with time. The serum smells gorgeous and the pen gently massages/vibrates on the skin.

I was so excited to receive this product I forgot to take some before and after photos so I could compare my skin. I am though going to review this product with photos after a week, two weeks and month worth of use, to give you a more detailed review.

Ok have a great day, Chloe

Update 6th April

I have been using the Crystal Clear Wand and Serum for 2 days now, on the first day my skin was very pink, it didn’t feel sensitive and as I have dry skin, some products do really react with my skin but this was different, my skin felt stimulated and tighter. Now that I have been using it for 2 days, people have commented on my skin looking glowing and that my cheekbones look more prominent.

If you take a look at our YouTube intro video, Cara commented that my cheekbones are very prominent on camera, so go take a look. I don’t think it’s lifting my eyebrows but then I do have naturally hooded eyes so it’s hard to tell. But my skin feels amazing, very soft. I will keep you updated on how I continue to get on with this product.

Have a great weekend, Chloe

Update 14th April

I am noticing a slight lift around the eye area now, as I stated before I do have hooded eyes, so any lift will not be dramatic on my eyes but I am noticing my eyebrows appear more raised. My cheekbones seem more prominent, my skin has a healthy glow and feels soft.

I still find the serum a little tacky but it doesn’t bother me anymore. I do also find that I have to stop to push the serum down on to the roller ball at times, I use a a clean cotton bud and wipe any product left on the bud on my face.

I am really enjoying using this product, the wand feels lovely and gently massages the skin with its roller ball and the serum smells like when you go for an expensive facial, I will update again next week.

Have a great week, Chloe

1st June 2013

Hello everyone, so this is a way overdue update but I wanted to let you know how I have been getting on with this product and it is actually one of my products of the month for May, video will be up soon. I absolutely love this wand and the serum moisturiser.

I did notice that at first I was obsessed with using this day and night, everyday but now I would say I used it 4/5 days a week as some days I just plain forget. I have also noticed that on the days I don’t use this product, my skin isn’t as glowing, plump and lifted. It’s one of those products that when you use it all the time, I was starting wonder is this really doing anything? Then when I would have a lazy day and forget to use it, we all have those days don’t we? Well it’s definitely one of those products you notice is working the second you stop using it.

Other things I have noticed if you are like me and suffer with sinuses, this roller ball is great at relieving headaches, tension and keeping sinus blockages at bay.

I have nearly run out of the serum, it was a 30ml sample and crystal clear were out of stock the last time I looked but I will be repurchasing this product, I think it’s the best serum I have ever used. The batteries have held out for nearly 2 months now but like I said I haven’t used this twice a day, everyday like you are suppose too.

The wand I find so relaxing and it really does smooth out my face, it doesn’t get rid of deep lines but it’s a roller ball, not surgery or botox. But I am confident that this will keep those new wrinkles away or at least postpone them. I do notice my under eye fine lines and crows feet immediately improve after using this product but they do come back the next day, so you do need to use this regularly.

I have noticed the most improvement in my skin, it feels much softer, not as dry, smoother, tighter and more lifted, especially at the jaw line and cheekbones, these areas are both much more prominent and I have had many people comment.

I have hooded eyes (excess skin which has fallen with age) so I was hoping for improvement here but I knew it was high hopes as I don’t think anything other than an eyebrow lift or botox would sort that out, I want to be as natural as I can and so that is not an option for me personally plus I am terrified of needles, haha but the lift away the years wand and serum has improved my hooded eyes, I have a very slight lift.

I think compared to some beauty gadgets, this one is very reasonably priced at £59.99 with the 30ml serum sample. So I decided it wasn’t too much to lose if it didn’t work for me. I am glad it’s amazing because I hate to waste money.

Let me know how you get on with this product and feel free to ask any questions.

Have a great rest of the weekend, I am off to watch the Voice, take care, Chloe


  1. Carol travis says:

    Hi, I have just purchased the crystal clear wand and although I have the serum to go with it I was wondering if it was possible to use any serum in the wand as I have some very expensive serum that I wouldn’t want to go to waste, many thanks

    • chloe chloe says:

      Hi, yes I haven’t been able to order any more of the crystal clear serum and so I have been using up my other serums/moisturisers. It works well.

      I think the wand is a great way to apply any serum or moisturiser.

      Have you tried the crystal clear serum moisturiser yet? or the wand?

      Both are amazing.

      Chloe :)

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